Adult Core Autism Training

Full Partner Agencies: Little Friends, Inc

In the traditional education system much of the training and development focus is on teachers and service providers; what is lacking is a core training model for adult service providers. Recently, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities convened a task force, the Illinois Direct Service Professional Workforce Initiative Steering Committee. Research showed that there was a high turnover rate, a lack of career or education ladder and societal devaluation associated with adult service providers.

The Little Friends Center for Autism (LFCA) was granted funding from The Coleman Foundation to replicate and enhance a core training program on autism and developmental disabilities for adult service providers. This program is delivered with the assistance of our collaborative partners, Elim Christian Services, Clearbrook, Seguin Services, Barbara Olson Center for Hope and Misericordia Heart of Mercy.

The six day core training addresses key areas that the network has deemed necessary for adult service providers including promoting independence, communication, behavior control and working with families.

The training topics for the 6 day Adult Core Training Program are:

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and Treatment Strategies
  • Parents Perspective
  • Communication Training
  • Communication Functions of Behavior
  • Sensory Processing Issues
  • Non-Verbal Prompting (training via video)
  • Visual Strategies and Systems
  • Structured Teaching
  • Behavior Management
  • Big Book of Visual Systems

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