ABLE Program

Full Partner Agencies: Elim Christian Services

The Autism Believing, Living, and Employing (ABLE) Program was funded by The Coleman Foundation during the first grant cycle (August 2009 – August 2010) and addressed all 3 of the focal areas (Staff Training and Retention, Life Stage Transitions, and Employment). Elim (lead agency for the program) realized tremendous benefits from the program which enabled them to use existing, internal resources to fund continuation of the program.

The ABLE Program provides behavioral support to adult employment settings through an internship program, thus leading to additional resources for training and life stage transition support for Direct Support Professional (DSPs), parents, and other caregivers.

The Autism Believing, Living, and Employing (ABLE) Program seeks to increase staff ratios for employment training programs through implementation of a behavior analyst internship program. Led by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), the new internship program requires structured, formal training and on-site support which is also shared with DSPs, parents and other caregivers; equipping them with additional tools needed to help adults with autism and other developmental disabilities succeed. Simultaneously, the Program Director provides transition support for DSPs and other caregivers, as dedicated interns are assigned to assist adults undergoing transition.

The ultimate goal of the ABLE Program is to develop a professional training community that can be utilized for expanding best practices support, not only within Elim’s campus but also outwardly into the community of individuals with developmental disabilities.

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