DSP Recognition Week

DSP Recognition Week

The recruitment and retention of qualified staff, particularly with Direct Support Professionals (DSP), has become a significant issue for human service agencies in Illinois and across the country. Attracting and retaining a competent workforce is the number one, common priority among partner agencies. As such, brainstorming creative strategies and finding innovative solutions is an identified goal of Intersect for Ability in 2017.

Direct Support Professionals ensure people with disabilities have the necessary supports that enable them to live, work, and enjoy life as independently as possible in their community. DSPs can work in a number of different settings and often have opportunities to share their own passions and talents with the people they support.

DSP Recognition Week

The Direct Support Workforce is made up of over 3.6 million workers in the United States. The demand for direct support workers is expected to increase by 35% from 2008 to 2018.

As a way of recognizing the dedication and accomplishments of outstanding Direct Support Professionals and expressing our appreciation for their vital contribution to the people we serve, Intersect for Ability will be celebrating DSP Recognition Week.

Between September 10 and September 16, the partner agencies of Intersect for Ability will be speaking with one voice to share the stories and successes of Direct Support Professionals across the Chicagoland area.

The goal of this campaign are simple:

  1. To recognize the dedication and accomplishments of our Direct Support Professionals.
  2. To raise awareness about the growing need for DSPs to care for individuals with disabilities.

How To Help

Keep an eye on the websites and social media accounts  of the Intersect for Ability partner agencies from September 10 – 16, and share the stories to raise awareness for the everyday heroes that care for individuals with disabilities.

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