Building Supportive Workplace Cultures (BSWC) – Partnered with PHI International

Direct service personnel (DSP) are front-line professionals who interact directly and daily with people with I/DD assisting with the activities of daily living, serving as advocates for those in their care, and enabling these individuals to have the highest quality of life possible. Over the past serval decades, a high turnover rate in the number of DSPs has persisted. 

Twelve Intersect for Ability agencies are partnering with PHI, an organization with more than 20 years of experience in coaching and organization development expertise, to develop a long-term strategy focused on overall staff development and organizational change.

The PHI Coaching Approach focuses on helping organizational leaders and supervisors to develop core interpersonal communication and leadership skills with objectives that include active listening, self-management, self-reflection, clear, non-judgmental communication, collaborative problem solving, and participative leadership. 

As a result of implementing the PHI Coaching Approach, the project aims to change the culture of the organizations with the result contributing to stability in the workforce and improved Quality of Life through greater continuity and security in supports provided to individuals.

In partnership with PHI International

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