Intersect for Ability is a collaborative network of multiple agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages. The collaborating Intersect agencies come together in partnership with The Coleman Foundation for the purpose of moving the industry/community services forward by developing, carrying out, and finding ways to sustain cutting edge programs which increase opportunities and improve quality of life for the people they serve.

Our Mission

Intersect for Ability is working in partnership to develop, fund, implement, and evaluate collaborative programs and community initiatives with emphasis on:

  • Meaningful employment and purposeful activity
  • Staff training and retention
  • Transitions
  • Clinical services

Our Vision

Advance the field and the community to support a better quality of life, equality, and respect for persons with disabilities.

Problem Statement

The recruitment and retention of qualified staff, particularly with Direct Support Professionals (DSP), has become a significant issue for human service agencies in Illinois and across the country. Attracting and retaining a competent workforce is the number one, common priority among Intersect for Ability agencies. Brainstorming creative strategies and finding innovative solutions is an ongoing goal.

Intersect for Ability…

  • Brings together employers and individuals with disabilities while supporting employees with developmental disabilities in the workforce.
  • Provides professional development assistance for staff working with persons with disabilities.
  • Supports adults with disabilities at all life stages, and in the transitions between life stages.
  • Supports best practices in the human services field by collaboratively developing new initiatives to support persons with disabilities.
  • Provides a unified voice in support of programs designed to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.