Quality of Life Training Project

A quality of life (QOL) measure that helps articulate an individual’s, wishes, hopes and dreams is a critically needed tool to help service providers move away from a deficit based assessment system that creates goals, perhaps unimportant to the individual, towards a person-centered planning system that helps to truly understand what is important to individuals … More Quality of Life Training Project

CHOICE Program

Clearbrook, Park Lawn and UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, members of Intersect for Ability’s network of agencies in the northern Illinois area, have successfully collaborated on projects funded by The Coleman Foundation in the past. These projects include Building Bridges to the Future, The GRACE Project, FIIVE, and Employment First: Bridges to Work Initiative. Each … More CHOICE Program

DSP Recognition Week

The recruitment and retention of qualified staff, particularly with Direct Support Professionals (DSP), has become a significant issue for human service agencies in Illinois and across the country. Attracting and retaining a competent workforce is the number one, common priority among partner agencies. As such, brainstorming creative strategies and finding innovative solutions is an identified … More DSP Recognition Week

Applied Behavior Analyst Practicum Program

Full Partner Agencies: Barbara Olson Center of Hope, Clearbrook, Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago, Elim Christian Services, Little Friends Inc, Misericordia Heart of Mercy, PACTT Learning Center, and UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago. For individuals with developmental disabilities, processing a conversation, understanding a request or demand, communicating basic needs or wants, coping with day to day … More Applied Behavior Analyst Practicum Program

ABLE Program

Full Partner Agencies: Elim Christian Services The Autism Believing, Living, and Employing (ABLE) Program was funded by The Coleman Foundation during the first grant cycle (August 2009 – August 2010) and addressed all 3 of the focal areas (Staff Training and Retention, Life Stage Transitions, and Employment). Elim (lead agency for the program) realized tremendous … More ABLE Program

Adult Core Autism Training

Full Partner Agencies: Little Friends, Inc In the traditional education system much of the training and development focus is on teachers and service providers; what is lacking is a core training model for adult service providers. Recently, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities convened a task force, the Illinois Direct Service Professional Workforce Initiative Steering … More Adult Core Autism Training

Advancing the Direct Support Professional Training Program

Full Partner Agencies: Misericordia Heart of Mercy High turnover rates among the Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff represents an enormous financial and operational burden to developmental disabilities agencies; however, the most serious impact of staff turnover is seen in the quality of care provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. This information is supported by the … More Advancing the Direct Support Professional Training Program

Enhanced Medical Services

The Enhanced Medical Services (EMS) through Collaboration project is a a healthcare directory that identifies providers that have shown a commitment to serving people with disabilities. This directory includes insurance types accepted. The service providers listed are not specially endorsed by Enhanced Medical Services or any of its affiliates.